Abhi J
2 min readMay 3, 2020


H: I am not sure if I agree with this.

S: I am not asking you to. I am just asking you a point of view and it is fine if it is a different one.

H: How is one supposed to have a different point of view or be okay with it when it comes to eclipses.

S: Eclipses can also have different outcomes for the world. Why do you think it will only point in one direction?

H: It wouldn’t? Did you or I make it happen? Could you blame anyone for this? Or is it just the nature?

S: It doesn’t matter how it happened. It has happened. Now people might perceive it differently and react differently.

H: If there isn’t going to be an uniform response to eclipses then I am sure it will point in only one direction. Mass destruction, financial and medical emergencies for all.

S: You are being a pessimist.

H: I was an optimist but that didn’t help us, help anyone. Eclipses still happened!

S: Are you suggesting that eclipses could have been avoided had we been pessimistic as a community?

H: Yes, I am suggesting that. Eclipses didn’t fortify in a week or month or year. It is an outcome of decades of recklessness. We have connived to kill whatever nurtured us just to take control, to exercise greater power!

S: So you will either be an optimist or a philosophical pessimist. There is no middle ground? Is that correct?

H: I think we all have seen and witnessed evolution. Evolution doesn’t choose a middle ground. It is time we become bold in either changing our ways and being less selfish and electing less power hungry leaders or just keep going on with our lives and wait for another eclipses to completely destroy whatever little will remain with us post this.

S: I don’t know if I feel that strongly. Any process or any development or any progression takes decades if not centuries. Atleast that is what the history books tell us. It would be foolhardy for us to believe that we will embrace this and change our ways in days/weeks/months.

H: Yeah. That is true. Probably we should drink and forget about yesterday, today, tomorrow. Let the inevitable come and get us

S: If it is inevitable then it will get us.

H: Want to drink something?

S: A small glass of Prosecco would be nice!