The time that we have today!

We keep running into things that would take us somewhere and what about the things that make us feel alive?

The agonies of love, betrayal, heartbreaks, friendships and companionships,

The little laughters, the little get togethers,

The “behind their back” bitching, the kissing and ditching!

What’s ours and what shall remain?

These feelings, those little memories,

Memories of first joys, little sorrows, the moments we enjoyed!

Life’s struggle helps us snuggle,

The stress of today and tomorrow’s giggle,

Life will be life and achievements and drive will be part of it,

But this life will always be remembered for our friends,

Our loved ones, our joys and the memories.. the cherished memories!




Inspired by stories, people and current affairs

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Abhi J

Abhi J

Inspired by stories, people and current affairs

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